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Dydd Mercher 13eg Mai

Bore da! Follow the link to BBC bitesize to watch the clip 'Paratoi ar gyfer y disgo'. You will find the script underneath the clip in both Welsh and English. Your task today is to answer the questions using the correct sentence patterns. 


Please check the Welsh page next week as well for set tasks. 

Paratoi ar gyfer y disgo questions

Here is another episode from the Deian and Loli series. I wonder how much mischief they will get up to today! (Remember to use the subtitles to help you build on your vocabulary). 


Please click here to watch 

Dydd Mercher 1af Ebrill 


You have been learning sentence patterns about your daily activities. Follow this link to play the game 'Frog Flies'. 

Dydd Mercher 25ain Mawrth 

Bore da Blwyddyn 5! 

Today, I would like you to complete this Welsh work in your Home Learning books. I would like you to continue your learning on Amser. Use the examples below Sam's timetable to complete the questions. The examples show the sentence patterns that you will need to use. You will also find a Powerpoint to help you with the task. 


Have a great day and best of luck! 

Diwrnod Sam/ Sam's Day

Bore Da Blwyddyn 5!


Enjoy a bit mischief with Deian and Loli! (Remember to use the subtitles to help you build on your vocabulary)


Please click here to watch