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Fantastic Beasts



Our new context for the Autumn term is 'Fantastic Beasts'. For more information on areas which we will be looking at, please see our year group star letter. 


Number Work


In class, we have been learning  about the place value of each digit for example how many tens are in the number 32? How many hundreds are in the number 645? Look at our year group home learning page for ways which you can practise this at home. 


Key words

During the week, your child will be tested on key words which they need to recognise by sight without the need for sounding them out. We would appreciate it if you could practise key words regularly with your child in addition to reading the book which is sent home weekly. 


Number Formation

Please could you ensure that your child uses the correct formation when writing numbers. These number rhymes might help them to remember how to write them correctly. 


Number Formation Rhymes



Useful Websites


Here are some useful websites which you might like to use with your child to support their learning.