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Hello Blwyddyn 4, we have set a variety of literacy and context activities on J2E and Hwb. You will find these under the homework tile on the launch page. You can choose the order in which to do the activities, please make sure that you save each piece of work as completed, so that I can mark it and give you feedback. 


There are 2 reading comprehensions, one linked to New Years Resolutions and the other is a science fiction based comprehension. Read through the instructions carefully. 






As an introduction to our new context Robot Rampage, we would like to get your opinions on the sort of activities and skills you would like to learn or develop through this context. Mr D'Amico has recorded a flipgrid video with further information and we would like you to share your ideas with us, either through flipgrid or through sending us an email. 


Follow the link below to view the flipgrid

What is the difference between a Machine and a Robot? 


Do you know the answer to this question?

In order to answer this question later in the term, we need to find out more about simple machines. Go to J2E shared files (or the homework tile) and watch the video Mrs Bertelli has recorded talking about simple machines and then have a go at the activity sorting simple machines. Remember to save your work! 

Healthy Eating 


Many people try to start a new year with a resolution to eat more healthily. We would like you to work through the two lessons below provided by Oak Academy to learn more about having a balanced diet and the Eatwell Plate. As well as the activities suggested on the lessons, which you can share with us through dojo or email, perhaps you would like to keep a food diary for the week or design a healthy lunchbox.