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Class 5B story

The Velvet Fox by Catherine Fisher

The Velvet Fox by Catherine Fisher  1

Chapter 7 (part 1) - Red Wool and a Silver Box

Chapter 6 (part 2)

Chapter 6 (part 1) A Tale of Travels

Draw and send me a picture of the Clockwork Crow - try and remember all the clues that we learnt about him in the previous book and in previous chapters! Hope you are enjoying listening! 

Chapter 5 - A Velvety Laugh

Once you have listened to the chapter, listen again and make notes on the description of the Others. Use your imagination and your notes to draw what you think the Soldier, theJuggler and the Dancer look like. Send me a picture, I would love to see them. 


chapter 6 part 1 is on the way......


Illustrations  1
Here are some fabulous illustrations of the Others! Do you they look like you imagined? Send me your pictures so we can compare!