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Circuit training club

What is Circuit training?

Circuit training is a fun filled club and is a combination of aerobic activity and strength building exercises.  The focus is on getting fit in a non competitive environment, coupled with some funky music!  We undertake activities such as lunges; calf raises, jogging, skipping - to name just a few!


Who is the club for?

The club is aimed for pupils in Years 3 and 4.  Each year group is offered the opportunity to be part of the club on a rotation basis.  It will be offered to Year 3 initially in the Autumn term, then Year 4 in the Spring term and then offered to pupils who might not have had the opportunity to attend in the previous terms.  We have spaces for 20 pupils.


Where and when does this take place?

This takes place after school on a Thursday, between 3.30 and 4.30. It is held in the school hall.


What do I need to bring?

You will need a pair of trainers and a water bottle.


Who runs the club?

Isabel Thomas and Rachel Miles run the circuit training club.