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Christmas Fun

School Council - Design a Christmas Jumper Competition. 


The School Council is running a 'Design a Christmas Jumper' competition this year to see who can create the most fun and exciting jumper. The deadline for entries has been extended to January 7th and if you would like to take part you need to return your design to the School Office by then with 50p. Good luck!


Fancy a calming Yoga session or a bit of HIIT training? Why don't you get your family to join in too? 


Cosmic Yoga Christmas Special



HIIT Workout for Children



How To Draw Cartoon Rudolph

Follow along with me and learn how to draw cartoon Rudolph.

How To Draw Cartoon Santa Claus

Follow along and learn how to draw a cute cartoon version of Santa Claus!

How To Draw A Christmas Penguin

Get creative and learn how to draw a festive penguin. Why don't you make your own Christmas cards? ..

How to make easy paper snowflakes -

Follow these step by step instructions and learn how to make beautiful paper snowflakes. Remember to be careful using scissors and clean up all your mess!