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Chess Club

Tuesday 21st June

This week in chess club were doing ladder matches and the ladder has changed. Some chess matches were allowed the chess clock which makes it harder and it gives less time to think. This week in Bob's Little Beauty we learnt another chess opening called skuller's mate.

Tuesday, 14th June


This week in chess club we did lots of ladder games and two Bob's little beauties. One of them was a game that Bob played and the other was the end of a game and white won. In Bob's little beauty we had to find out which side was doing the French defence. We played some ladder matches with chess clock.

Tuesday 4th June

Tuesday, 15th March


We continued with the ladder and Bob's little beauty. In the ladder most children had challenged someone or is now part of the ladder. In Bob's little beauty, a boy in year 2 won a chess book where you can study the chess moves. 

 Tuesday 8th March



We started a competition called the 'Ladder' where people challenge each other to get to the top. At the end of the year the person at the top of the ladder receives a trophy. In Bob's little beauty we saw another match and white won because black did too many pawn moves.


Tuesday, 23rd February


This week in chess club we learnt doubles matches. In the doubles matches it was 2 vs 2 and when you win a piece you have to pass it to your team mate.

Chess Tournament at County Hall

Sunday 24th January


On Sunday we entered a chess tournament in County Hall. A member of Year 4 won second place in the under 9s with four other people.The Lord Mayor was there to congratulate the winners.


  Tuesday 26th January


This week in chess club we learnt how to do checkmate in 4 moves, scholar's mate and French defense. This week's winner in Bob's little beauty, is continuing his winning streak, having won for 5 weeks this term. 

Tuesday 19th January 


This week in chess club we learnt how to use a chess clock in a match.This week in Bob's little beauty, Harris won a Canada badge, he found the key move for the whites winning move.

Chess Club is open to all year 3-6 pupils.


The club is every Tuesday lunchtime at 12:30 in Mr Volk's classroom.
It is run by Bob (Nye's Grandad).




  • If you are a beginner and interested in joining, please talk to Bob about booking your place (for now, beginner spaces are limited).


  • If you can already play, then feel free to come along and practise your skills and challenge other players!




We look forward to seeing you soon.


Spring Term

January 12th

This week at chess club we have learnt more about forks, pins and castling. In Bob's little beauty, which Thomas won for his third time, he found the key move to put white in check. This time he won a badge.

November 17th

We learnt special openings in Bob's beauty prize. Thomas won a chess badge and pen. Congratulations to him! He found a clever way to get check mate and he also found his way out of some tricky problems.

This term chess club has learnt some great chess skills and we have taken part in Bob's beauty prize. We have learnt a lot of chess skills including forks, pins, castling, the royal opening and french defense .We have also learnt how to use a chess clock.