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Chess Club

Chess Club


Chess Club takes place every Tuesday between 12.30pm and 1pm in 6V.  

Chess Club is open to all pupils in Year 3 to Year 6.


Who runs Chess club?

Robert (Bob) Hurn, Nye’s grandad, very kindly runs Chess club for us every week.



If you are a beginner and interested in joining, please talk to Bob about booking your place. For now, beginner spaces are limited.


Experienced Players
If you can already play, feel free to come along and practise your skills and challenge other players.  

In Chess Club we learn how to defend and use Scholar's mate, we also learn how to beat a world champion with Bob's helpful tips.

Monday 14th November

A team of 12  players entered a chess tournament on the Monday 14th November 2016. We played five matches each, as we tried to win division 2. We won the division with 4 points and 71 game points, closely followed by Ton Yr Ywen and Peter-Lea also with 4 points. We were promoted to division 1!