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Challenge 6 - Bonus Relay Race

Bonus Challenge - Virtual Relay Race

Your challenge is to create a virtual relay race in your houses! Using flipgrid, you will need to create a video passing an object on, the more people in your house that completes the challenge the more points your house will get :)

What you need to do:

- First you need to find an object (e.g. football ball, tennis ball)
- Then you need to have someone filming you and someone who can throw/roll the ball (object) off camera to you

During Filming

- When the camera is rolling you need to catch or pick up the ball (object), do a winning celebration dance or exercise move before throwing/kicking/rolling the ball so it goes off camera

The next person will then carry on the relay race by doing a similar video and so on. Very similar to the videos produced by year 1 and year 6 where they pass the toilet paper.

This all needs to be done on your house's flipgrid page :)