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Challenge 2 - Water Event

Challenge 2 - Water Event


Tuesday 2nd June


Today's challenge is a water one. You can choose an activity from the suggestions below or make up your own variation.




  • Water bucket  relay, how long does it take to fill a bucket with a cup of water from one end of the garden to another


For more ideas like Slip and Slide, Water Balloon Toss, Liquid Limbo click this link:



Film your challenge and then upload it to your house's flip grid page to get lots of points for your team.


Alternatively you can send us a message, photo or film telling us which house colour your child is representing in that challenge, so Glas, Coch, Gwyrdd or Melyn.


We will award each family member (house colour) 5 house points for each activity completed. We will keep a running tally of the houses completing the challenges, leading up to a winning house at the end of the week.