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Hello everybody!

School is reopening! Hooray! Your teachers are really looking forward to welcoming you back! Here's a few ideas to keep you busy in the meantime!


How to Make an Origami House.

I found this really nice activity for making a simple origami house. Origami is the art of paper folding. 

I thought you might like to make your very own Lockdown origami house. You can decorate it with pictures showing how you have spent Lockdown- maybe pictures of the games you've been playing or the people you have seen. If you open up the house you could draw and write your feelings and thoughts about Lockdown inside and how you feel about coming back to school. These will be hidden as you refold the paper to it's house shape! Neat eh? Something like this might help to improve your well being.

Here are some photos with step by step instructions for how to make it:

 Step 1. Cut a piece of A4 paper to 21 cms square.

Step 2. Then fold it in half.

Step 3. Fold it in half again.

step 4. Open up the paper and fold the outside edge into the middle. Repeat with the other side.

step 5. You will now have a small square of paper with 2 panels that you can open.

Step 6. Now this next part is a bit tricky to describe! You need to open the panel and separate the paper. Slide your finger up the fold of paper inside until you get to the top and the paper will fold down into a triangle! This is your roof.

step 7.

step 8. Repeat with the other side.

Step 9. Open up and fold the sides so it stands up.

Step 10. And there you have it! Your own origami house to decorate as you wish.

If you make one, please send it to our Twitter account, I'd love to see it!

Have fun!


How to draw faces.

Here's another good activity that I was sent by the charity organisation the British Red Cross. There is a video by graphic artist Dan Archer that shows you how to draw faces and expressions. Once you've mastered these, you can make your own comic book about your own or other people's experiences of Lockdown. It is a great activity to develop your empathy and resilience.


Well done Sophie, on this lovely piece of art work based on the Sardines in a Tin activity Mrs Couper shared below. Thank you for sharing it with us and we look forward to seeing more of your fabulous art work. 



Look at this! The snake is growing!

Have you add(er)ed yours yet?? Send us a photo on Twitter of yours! See below for where to find this ssssinuous sssstony ssssnake! smiley

Here's a shout out to those of you who had a go at painting your own plant pots and sent photos to Twitter- 

Evelyn, Elliott, Paige and Nieve

Well done! I really enjoyed looking at them. If I missed anyone else's-apologies!


Hello there everyone! I hope you are enjoying your May half term holiday?


Some of you have been busy painting rocks and leaving them in your local area for others to find and hide somewhere else!


I thought you might like to know of another rock art initiative just up the road in Rhiwbina! The residents there have formed a group called Rhiwbina Rocks and started a rock snake outside The Art Workshop in Lon Fach, Rhiwbina. They want to see how long they can make it- would you like to join in? Ask an adult with a Facebook account to log into the following pages for more details 




The Art Work shop - Rhiwbina Rocks 



‘It’s Add-er ing up to a proper long snake! This wonderful Stone Serpent is growing! Keep painting those rocks with any colourful designs or messages that you like, and let them join the line outside The Art Workshop Studio in Lon Fach, Rhiwbina. How long can it get? Drop yours off safely of course and remember social distancing 😃

Check out the Rhiwbina Rocks page.’

I was sent this absolutely lovely step by step guide to creating a beautiful artwork and wanted to share it with you! I think it’s just perfect for this gorgeously sunny week! I hope you enjoy it and I’d love to see your work on Twitter.

Love Mrs Couper x


You can find this on the Seasalt clothing website – there are more lovely art ideas on the Seasalt stories page. This tutorial is free from Seasalt but if you visit the wonderful Jennie Maizels’ site you can subscribe and download more fantastic guides. Thank you to Jennie and Seasalt.



By illustrator Jennie Maizels.






Hello all you creative Birchgrove stars!

I've been really enjoying seeing the fabulous things you've been getting up to on our Twitter page!


Here are a few more links to some amazing arty activities that I think you'll enjoy.... please share your work on Twitter and give me a shout out!


Have you discovered the fantastic kids page on the Tate website yet?

It's really worth a look!

This is a current favourite of mine based on the art work of op artist Bridget Riley....





There's loads of different things to do including fun quizzes! Here's one to whet your appetite!



I've discovered a new fun site on Instagram called Isolation Art School.

Here's a few I've chosen for you. The doodle figures are really fun-I'm going to do some and put them up somewhere-maybe my garden wall....


Big thanks to @lindfieldartstudio and Isolation Art School for keeping us busy!


Here's another one from the fabulous Quentin Blake.


This guy is amazing!  Nick the cardboard craftsman on Isolation Art School. Big thanks for your ideas!




I really hope some of these have inspired you. Please share with your friends and all of your school community on Twitter!

Love Mrs Couper xx







                             Easter Holidays Creativity!

Hello everyone! Your teachers will be posting lots of fun Easter things soon to keep you busy so I'm suggesting we try something a little different.....


Artists have been painting the views from their windows for centuries. As we're confined to our homes at the moment, how about we share what we can see from our windows?

You can approach this anyway you like with whatever materials you have available at home-you might need to be inventive and recycle some of your previous artworks! I don't know about you but I'm running out of paper....laugh


Your pictures can be any size you like, you could draw your view, or paint it, make a collage, use chalks, use a drawing app on your tablets. They can be colour, black and white, technicoloured- it's up to you!


I'd love to see what you do- please post on our Twitter account. I'm very egg-cited to see them, I bet they'll be cracking! wink

Happy Easter! Love Mrs Couper x

Here's a beautiful painting by Pierre Bonnard from 1925, 'The Window' to give you some inspiration.






A reminder to all that the fabulous artist Helen Elliott is live streaming another art lesson at 3pm today!

The password is


Join in if you can!


Hello everyone! Hope you are all finding some time during each day to be creative! 
The artist Helen Elliott has set up a free art tutorial site called Give What You Can. She will be giving a 45 minute art lesson today at 3pm if you would like to join her from your homes!

We would all love to see any art work you’ve made on our twitter page! 🌈🌈🌈


Apologies if you couldn't log in today - try these links instead.



Lizzie Spikes Posters 


Lizzie Spikes is a Welsh artist based not far from Aberystwyth and the stunning West Wales coastline . Her work is inspired by the beautiful imagery of that part of the world and by the language and culture of Wales.


She has free posters and activity sheets available on the above link. If you do not have a printer, use the posters for inspiration and draw your own! 

Join in with us at home! Paint or draw a happy picture to cheer up the workers as they go to their jobs. You can stick them in your windows.Share yours with us on our twitter page.

Here's the start of our Birchgrove says THANKS project....


 Look out for some arty fun in the coming weeks! 

We'd love to see your best work on Twitter!

See you soon.....