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                             Easter Holidays Creativity!

Hello everyone! Your teachers will be posting lots of fun Easter things soon to keep you busy so I'm suggesting we try something a little different.....


Artists have been painting the views from their windows for centuries. As we're confined to our homes at the moment, how about we share what we can see from our windows?

You can approach this anyway you like with whatever materials you have available at home-you might need to be inventive and recycle some of your previous artworks! I don't know about you but I'm running out of paper....laugh


Your pictures can be any size you like, you could draw your view, or paint it, make a collage, use chalks, use a drawing app on your tablets. They can be colour, black and white, technicoloured- it's up to you!


I'd love to see what you do- please post on our Twitter account. I'm very egg-cited to see them, I bet they'll be cracking! wink

Happy Easter! Love Mrs Couper x

Here's a beautiful painting by Pierre Bonnard from 1925, 'The Window' to give you some inspiration.






A reminder to all that the fabulous artist Helen Elliott is live streaming another art lesson at 3pm today!

The password is


Join in if you can!


Hello everyone! Hope you are all finding some time during each day to be creative! 
The artist Helen Elliott has set up a free art tutorial site called Give What You Can. She will be giving a 45 minute art lesson today at 3pm if you would like to join her from your homes!

We would all love to see any art work you’ve made on our twitter page! 🌈🌈🌈


Apologies if you couldn't log in today - try these links instead.



Lizzie Spikes Posters 


Lizzie Spikes is a Welsh artist based not far from Aberystwyth and the stunning West Wales coastline . Her work is inspired by the beautiful imagery of that part of the world and by the language and culture of Wales.


She has free posters and activity sheets available on the above link. If you do not have a printer, use the posters for inspiration and draw your own! 

Join in with us at home! Paint or draw a happy picture to cheer up the workers as they go to their jobs. You can stick them in your windows.Share yours with us on our twitter page.

Here's the start of our Birchgrove says THANKS project....


 Look out for some arty fun in the coming weeks! 

We'd love to see your best work on Twitter!

See you soon.....