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Additional Challenge

If you enjoy a little bit of an extra challenge then this page is for you. 

Why not see whether anyone else in your family wants to have a go too? 


Challenge 1

Take ten cards numbered 0 to 9.

Each time use all ten cards.

Arrange the cards to make:

a. five numbers that are multiples of 3

b. five numbers that are multiples of 7

c. five prime numbers

Make up more problems to use all ten cards to make five special numbers.


Challenge 2

In April Flash Harry bought a saddle for £100.

In May he sold it for £200.

In June he was sorry he had sold it.

So he bought it back for £300.

In July he got tired of it.

So he sold it for £400.

Overall, did Flash Harry make or lose money?

How much did he make or lose?



Have fun and good luck!