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Additional Challenge

If you enjoy a little bit of an extra challenge then this page is for you. 

Why not see whether anyone else in your family wants to have a go too? 


Challenge 1

Dan the Detective

1. Dan the detective looked for a number.

He found a two-digit number less than 50. The sum of its digits was 12.

Their difference was 4. What number did Dan find?


2. Dan found a two-digit odd number. One of its digits was half the other. The number was greater than 50. What number did Dan find?


Record your working. Can you make up your own version of one of these and challenge someone in your family? 


Challenge 2


Some Tripods and Bipods flew from planet Zeno.

There were at least two of each of them.

Tripods have 3 legs. Bipods have 2 legs.

There were 23 legs altogether.

How many Tripods were there?

How many Bipods?

Find two different answers


Have fun and good luck!