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Cricket talk and skills with Cricket Wales.

Today we have been looking at the work of Giacometti. We were inspired by his sculptures to make our own!

Today we have been investigating peristalsis, helping your intestines move the digested food along! It was a bit disgusting but lots of fun!

4PB enjoyed making animal scat! It looks very realistic! Can you guess which animal they come from?

Our Fishy pictures inspired by ‘citrine coral fish!’

Year 4 enjoyed doing some creative dance inspired by Victorian times.

Making our wands! the Modroc was very messy!

4PB Harry Potter Video

Still image for this video

Year 4 Circuit Challenge Week 1

Sundials - Blwyddyn 4 have been finding out how to tell the time using the sun and shadows!

Shades of Grey - After looking at the work of Jock McFadyen, 4PB explored colouring mixing to make a paler shade of grey.

PE - we have been enjoying our Outdoor PE slot. Hope the weather lasts!