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Writing Challenges


Year 6 pupils will be given Writing Challenges to complete through KidBlog every 1-2 weeks.


Friday 8th February– Friday 26nd February

(2 week challenge)


Writing Challenge 6

Your two week challenge is to write an internet safety story.


Examples that you can use:


1. One evening you open up your phone and scroll through your messages to find your ‘friends’ have written mean things about you. What do you do next? How would you solve it?


2. You are playing on your favourite games console. Someone you don’t know added you recently. You are on a winning streak but then accidentally take out your new online ‘friends’ character. A message appears. It’s not very nice. What do you do? How do you feel?


3. Write about another internet safety problem from the point of view of the victim or the bully.


4. Other - Create your own internet safety related story.


800 words minimum 


Pob lwc!


Use the following link to access your very own Writing Page. You will then need to LOG IN to access your account.


Year 6 Boys:


Year 6 Girls: