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Friday 30th November - 14th December



Challenge 3 - Story Spinner


To complete challenge 3 you need to click on the following link:


It will direct you to a new page, you need to choose from:

Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi or Scrambler (Mixture of all genres). 

Then you need to choose 4-6th Grade and enter your name before being directed to the story spinner page.


Press the lever to spin your story.


If you don't like any of them just spin the levers again.


If you would like to change it up completely go for it.


Best of luck pawb!


Min 650 words.


You have two weeks to complete this task.



Use the following link to access your very own Writing Page. You will then need to LOG IN to access your account.


Year 6 Boys:


Year 6 Girls: