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Junior Road Safety Officers

May 17th May 2016


Our wonderful Junior Road Safety Officers were presenting at the annual JRSO meeting today. They were all super excited and presented beautifully.  They talked about why they wanted to be JRSO's, what they have learnt so far, what they have enjoyed, what it takes to be a good JRSO and why it is important to be safe on the roads. 



They then had a Quiz to test their knowledge of Road Safety.



The JRSO's learnt even more about Road Safety and how to cross roads safety.



St Johns Ambulance taught the children how to save someones life. A very valuable skill. All the JRSO's were brilliant at CPR and remembered each stage correctly.



The JRSO's also got to meet their community PCSO's. They learnt all about their role in our community and the hardwork they do. They were even lucky enough to sit in the Police car and put the sirens on!



What an incredible job they have had! Da iawn to our JRSO's you did Birchgrove Primary School and everyone so proud today. You are true Birchgrove Stars. Da iawn!!!




March 9th 2016


JRSO's are planning their new display board on how to keep children safe on the road.



January 25th 2016


Second week of Cycling Proficiency. Year 6K are really lucky with the weather today and are all looking forward to the week ahead.


January 14th 2016


As Road Safety is so important the year 6 JRSO's wanted to include photos of their Cycling Proficiency Week. This week the children were taught how to ride a bike safely as well as correct bike maintenance. They learnt a variety of manoeuvres including starting off, slowing down, stopping and parking, turning right and left, overtaking parked cars, passing side roads and carrying out emergency stops safely. They also learnt about different cycle routes available and had a practical aspect where they were tested on the relevant sections of the highway code. It was an amazing week had by all.





8th December 2015


Our PCSO is out and about with our JRSO's giving warnings to cars that are parked dangerously around the surrounding areas.



5th November 2015


Whatever the weather these two are always smiling and keeping the crossings safe for the pupils of Birchgrove and the community. A big thank you Ken and Bev from all of us.